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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Create Wealth by Writing for Residual Income

Most people work for money, but wealthy people's money works for them. Those are the words that changed my life. I always hated the fact that people spend their youth going to school and getting an education so that they could get a job and work most of their lives to make someone else rich. I often pondered the concept that so many people work their entire lives so that they can retire and relax, but by the time they get there they are either too sick or too tired to enjoy the freedom that comes with retirement.

The internet has truely opened the door of entreprenuership to the common man and woman. The limits are endless and the possibilities are only restricted by the constraints of the mind. Although it is vast and overwhelming, there are ways to navigate it to your advantage.

There aren't very many legitimate "get rich quick" schemes, and this is definately not one. However, the amount of income created by a simple system that will continue to produce income on a regular basis whether you put time into it or not, is real.

Just over a year ago, I was stuck in a low paying job that I couldn't stand. I was living month to month and working more hours than I care to recall. I just could not fathom continuing on the path I was on. There had to be a better way, I reasoned.

So, I began with some questions. What did I enjoy doing most in my life? What things did I want to accomplish? How would I be able to do them? What amount of money did I need to achieve my goals?

Then I decided to look at other people who seemed to have what I wanted. I studied them. I found out how they became successful. I tried to imitate their actions to benefit my own motives.

Next, I used the strategies I had compiled and applied them to the thing I wanted to do most in life. Write.

Not everyone wishes to write for a living. That is understandable. However, after a year of writing to create residual income, I have discovered something quite interesting. The most successful freelance writers that bring in the most money from their efforts are not necessarily the most skilled writers. They have just figured out the same tools that I use to build passive income that will eventually make them wealthy and buy their freedom from traditional work.

So, if you don't consider yourself a writer, please don't eliminate yourself from the list of potential wealthy people making residual income. You still need to think about that first question that I posed to myself. What do you want to do in life? What is your passion? What drives you?

That is what you are going to write about. That is what is going to make you wealthy by creating several streams of residual income that will continue to grow for the rest of your life and beyond.

Would you rather work for $20 an hour or work for one hour and get paid for that hour every day of every week of every month of every year for the rest of your life? The math is simple. It is the same concept that investors use to create passive income. They do it with stocks but you are going to do it with your own ability. You won't have to rely on the volatile stock market. You won't be risking anything to achieve your financial goals. You will be using a simple method to create income that will continue to pay you long after the work is done.

If I have peaked your interest and you would like to know more specifically how you can enjoy this success, please read my Ebook How to Create Residual Income Through Writing.

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